A career guide for those wanting to enter the battery technology field

battery technology career

It is definitely the right time to be deeply involved in battery technology, as it moves to the forefront of many industries including automobiles, stationary storage, aerospace, telecom, and consumer electronics.

As battery technology advances, it is also causing an increase in the competition in the market and you'll need a plan to set yourself apart

In this video, our founder Akshay Gill talks about how battery technology is changing and how you can guarantee your success in the coming months.


Before setting goals, you'll need to be able to see where the industry is headed. For this, you need to surround yourself with the right people who have a daily involvement in the battery space from different backgrounds, and different parts of the world.

We talk about this a lot at MakerMax - hands-on learning. This is something that is part of our core values as we have seen it transform the knowledge and opportunities available to so many of our students. A systematised learning approach that involves deep hands-on learning is as good as it gets!

Taking action today and moving towards your goal, is definitely the first and most important step to achieving success and we are here to help you get there.

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