Personalized Training Plan

An overview of the benefits for the personalized training plan.

✔ A Personalized training plan crafted especially for you based on your goals shared on the call with the instructor

Priority shipping on your hardware kit

✔ Due to shipping regulations Lithium ion cells are not included in the hardware kit, but with this plan, we will locally source and deliver the cell to your address

Regular check-ins from our team during the course to keep you motivated and on top of your learning goals

✔ Latest jobs and developments in the battery space delivered to your inbox

✔ White papers and articles on battery firmware and hardware delivered to your inbox

✔ Personalized feedback on midterm and final exam

Access to course material even after course completion

Flexibility on exam and course completion dates

✔ Any extra accessories needed for the kit like travel adapters based on your country of residence will be locally sourced and shipped to you.

✔ Cancel anytime!

Your Instructor

Akshay Gill
Akshay Gill
This course has been designed and crafted by a group of passionate experienced engineers who have phenomenal knowledge of the subject and have been mentoring and training the incumbents in their careers.

The team lead Akshay, has 10+ years of experience in firmware programming ,embedded systems, electronics, communication, automotive, electric vehicles and much more. He has worked on battery systems for Tesla Model S, X and 3. He setup MakerMax with a vision to bridge the widening gap between education and employment for electronics, embedded and computer engineers.

Akshay is a firm believer in learning by doing and encourages all his students to do so - Knowledge is not just learned, but also retained through hands-on projects. He has built a ring of excellence by enrolling specialists who share his vision and want to give back to society a part of what they gained through their years in the industry.

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