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Battery Masterclass 3.0 (USD)

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What you'll get:

  • Become an expert in Batteries and BMS Technology
  • Intuitively understand lithium ion cells, so you are able to represent them electrically
  • Hands-on learning to 10x your knowledge in a short amount of time
  • Write industry level battery algorithms that will get you the job / project you want
  • Open doors to opportunities you never thought possible, guided by expert mentors!

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What People Are Saying:

This class was absolutely brilliant! If anyone is really interested to take your EV skills to the next level, this is the course you should not miss. It covers all the necessary concepts and hands-on experience for batteries and BMS.

J. Norton, Software Engineer, California

I come from an automotive background, but had little experience in the EV domain. This course gave me hands-on experience which I was able to showcase and get a new job in battery technology working on electric planes! Pretty cool!

Felix J, Sr. Hardware Engineer, Berlin